• “My last two girlfriends wrote me love letters, leaving them places for me to find. And I prefer to talk on the phone. These movies talk about the principle of ‘do not be afraid to love’ — we get our hearts decimated sometimes by love and we think we’re not gonna recover. We do and we will. We just have to trust it.” [source]
  • “That boy-next-door, love interest crush has been my niche since ‘Austin & Ally.’ I love love. I’ve been in love twice — at least my understanding of what love is. First love is ravaging — it just guts you in the most wonderful way, if you can see through it.” [source]
  • “It got dark. I’m like what am I doing with my life? Who cares if I’m an actor? Who cares if I’m successful? And as soon as I realized yeah this isn’t for me…my life, my career, everything I do should be for others, there should be a deeper purpose outside of wanting to get money and be famous and live my own passion, that’s when ‘The Fosters’ hit and I don’t believe in coincidence.” [source]