Noah Centineo for GQ

To go along with the upcoming release of To All The Boys: Always and Forever, Noah has been featured on! We got a pretty new photoshoot, an article, and some videos to go with it. I’ve added the photos to the gallery and you can watch the videos below.

I got the sense, pandemic or no, that Centineo, the 24-year-old star of Netflix’s hit To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before rom-com trilogy, is a big hug guy. Love language? I’m guessing physical touch. (Evidence: He does a bro-handshake-into-hug thing with almost everyone who walks into the room.) Later on during our visit, when I drop that I’m a single mother, he told me I’m a superhero and almost pulled me into a hug again, and then corrected to a fist bump.

The day we met happened to be exactly a week before Election Day and, as you may or may not recall, everyone everywhere had been sleeplessly grinding their teeth into a fine powder—except for Centineo, who was just downright pumped about his personal contribution toward fixing our democracy. He cradled a pillow like a newborn as we sat on velvet couches at Fuck This I’m Voting, a voter-outreach pop-up in West Hollywood that he created with his nonprofit, Favored Nations. The idea behind the space is to get influencers to come and snap selfies in front of a giant flickering “GIVE A SHIT” sign, thereby signaling to their Gen Z followers that they should, in fact, give a shit. The problem with nonprofits, Centineo suggested, is that they act like nonprofits. They’re kind of a snooze. He said he wants to make doing good simply feel “cool and fucking dope. That’s why we use expletives in our marketing.” Still, he was surprised to hear the upcoming election was giving me regular panic attacks. “Really?” he said, fingering one of his long forehead curls. “I’m fairly confident.” Then softly, kindly: “What are you scared of?”